Introducing the Encyclopedia of Marketing Tactics

The Encyclopedia of Marketing Tactics
In 1931, Dr. Henry (yes… Henry) Frankenstein exclaimed, “It’s alive! It’s alive!” as Boris Karloff who played Frankenstein’s monster rose from the table.

Well, similarly, every blogger who has ever finished an article and hit publish has remarked, “It’s uhh … live!”

That’s what I just said anyway. Because I just pushed the publish button on a monster!

Have you ever spent several days of your life organizing, coordinating, and detailing everything you know about some topic stuck away in the corner of your brain? It’s more than cathartic, it’s exhilarating. About half-way in, you start to look at all of it and think to yourself, “Holy $#;! I actually know things!”

Well, I’ve just completed a list of 75 marketing tactics that every business owner, entrepreneur, and marketer in the world will want to take in, digest and build off of.

I call it: “75 Marketing Tactics Every Entrepreneur Should Know to Get More Leads, Make More Sales and Grow Their Business.”

I created this — 18,000+ word document — because, well, someone had to!

Almost Every Marketing Tactic Known to Man Is Included

This list is all-inclusive. Well, let me preface that. It doesn’t include ideas such as matching t-shirts for your employees (like Apple stole from every mechanic everywhere), nor does it discuss bartering. Sure, those could be considered tactics, but I’ve stuck with the 75 major tactics (which could also be considered media).

It’s probably the closest thing there is to an encyclopedia of marketing tactics. Best of all is what you can do with it.

Designed To Help You Develop Your Marketing Plan

It’s not a mile deep … it’s already over 18,000 words … but it’s essential for helping you plan your strategies, and campaigns. You can see all of your options clearly, and get tips and advice based on what we have experienced when implementing each tactic.

Clearly See the Benefits of Using Each Tactic

Not only have I given you information about each tactic and some advice on how to use them, I’ve also given you tools to be able to judge each marketing tactic by several criteria:

  1. Time to ROI
  2. Time Required to Implement
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Cost
  5. Skill Required to Use a Tactic

These criteria give you many ways to rank and sort the data. You can identify the cheapest methods of marketing, the fastest methods, the easiest, and the most effective. When you include the information from a SWOT analysis of your company, you will be able to identify the best ways to market your business.

Combine Media / Tactics to Create a Marketing Strategy, and Campaigns

Marketing strategies are composed of campaigns that utilize media and tactics. Each of the 75 marketing tactics discussed here can be added to one another to develop chains of tactics that develop into campaigns. For instance, I selected 3 tactics at random. Classified ads, Landing Pages and Contests and Sweepstakes.

Think of how you could combine them. You could place a classified ad that announced a contest, then drive leads to a landing page to collect their information. You could even add email marketing (broadcast and/or autoresponders) to the mix and continue to market to the leads you got over time.

This list gives you options. You can read through each one, or you can pick marketing tactics at random and start generating ideas. All you need is at least one primary tactic/media, and you can add as many secondary media as you want — as long as it is profitable.

More to Come

We’ll be adding to this content as time goes on. We’ll be creating several more articles, videos, and who knows what else based on it to help answer questions. Plus, we have a calculator coming soon that helps you easily choose the perfect tactics for your marketing plan by answering a few questions. It’s going to be sweet! So stay tuned!

In case you haven’t clicked the links above yet, here’s a handy link to the 75 awesome marketing tactics again.


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