How to Build Rapport with Your Marketing


Ahoy fellow pirate lovers, some of you may know that today is International Talk like a Pirate Day or Pirate Day for short. You’re probably wondering why I would write an article on my business blog about Pirate Day, I mean, what does Pirate Day have to do with marketing? Answer: EVERYTHING! We all resonate with people who like the things we like, whether its football, movies, video games, vacation spots, or annual events, it helps us relate and feel comfortable with each other.

I happen to think pirates are fabulous. I have always liked pirates and all things piratey (not a word but I like it) so having and an entire day of saying aarrrhh, booty, heave ho, lass, lad, savvy, and scalleywag just makes the day fun. I am sharing my interest with you because it’s fitting, on Pirate Day, to share my love of pirates and to give you an example of yet another marketing tool that is fun and will help you build rapport with your clients.

Build Rapport with your Marketing

I have earned many new clients by sharing interests and it always makes me feel close to them when we have common interests to discuss. Even if we haven’t talked in a couple of months, we still remember the things we have in common, like OSU Football, The Little Brown Jug, The Pink Pig, Playing Golf at TPC at Sawgrass or The Chart House in Daytona Beach, the commonalities between us makes us feel instantly comfortable, no matter how long it’s been since we last communicated.

Now you don’t have to wait for an annual event to share your interests with your clients, but if one of your interests coincides with an annual event, you should seize the opportunity.

There are hundreds of events to associate yourself with, everything from health related events to hobby related events to just plain fun events like Pirate Day. Heck, I have a client who owns a motorcycle and he promotes Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day in June of every year.

To find out if your interest has a dedicated day, simply search Google, I’m sure your interest is recognized in some fashion.

Tips for Associating with an Annual Event

  • Have a real love for the event
  • Make sure the event is appropriate for your business and customer
  • Dedicate yourself to the event, do it every year
  • Find new ways to make the event memorable
  • Keep track of the clients who mentioned that they noticed your participation in the event

Fortunately, for me, many of my clients like pirates as much and I do, I was able to check yes to all of the tips listed above. I even have a client who is writing a book about a pirate, Stede Bonnet, you can read an excerpt from Victoria’s book Sailing here. So for my business situation, sharing with you that I love pirates is a benefit.

I’ll leave you with some fun activities to do on Pirate Day, feel free to use pirate lingo when we talk next, or tell me your favorite interest, I’d love to hear.

Pirate Day Activities

Pirate Lingo
Talk like a Pirate
Pirate Food
Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs
Starz Black Sails Season 1
Pirate Fairy

Until next time, Fair Winds Mateys!

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