WTF Anik Singal? How Many Emails A Day Do You Have To Send?

Remember when 1 email a day, instead of 1 a week from a business was considered spammy?

Why is Anik Singal sending me 9 emails a day? How many emails a day do you have to send?

As a marketer, I’m always trying to identify what works. I do it with a mix of paying attention to what everyone else is doing and creating campaigns, testing and measuring my results.

So, I wonder why I’ve recently noticed a couple people sending me more than 1 email a day.

The worst offender? Anik Singal – the Inbox Blueprint guy.

So, check my question at the end of the video and maybe someone can answer the question for me.

Or better yet, Anik Singal @aniksingal – answer the question at the end of my video.

Should I be promoting your trainings? You know something we should know? Or is this just an oversight that’s been going on for months?

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