Warning! Atlanta Web Designer Spills the Shocking Truth about Getting on the First Page of Google and Why Most Businesses Are Clueless.

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They say the Internet is a giant cash machine and that anyone with a laptop and an idea can make it big.


It takes real work and mad skills to pull it off and I’m sorry, but, not just anyone can do it.

It takes dedication, determination, and commitment to something that just won’t show any results for a while unless you have some cash to invest in marketing, and do everything the right way.

Which brings me to business owners.

and listen to me when I say this …

You are living in a dream world!

You are being sold on social media, and inbound marketing and you think you can do it and make a lot of money.

Now, it’s true … there are significant returns available if you do it right.

But …

The vision in your head of making lots of money by engaging thousands of customers at once, and the reality of creating it, is two different realities.

Everything is changing monthly and you need to be on top of it all in order to stay ahead, and make money.

Right now, in order to be in the top 10 on a Google results page, you have to have a content site. You have to be regularly publishing information, producing link bait, producing inbound marketing content like eBooks, Free reports, or mp3’s. You have to constantly give content away in order to set yourself apart from your competition, be visible in a crowded marketplace, and make money.

Then, you have to tie it all together with your social media channels which are filled with potential prospects, but also your competitors, and spammers. But it won’t just take you a couple hours to set these channels up, you have to invest hundreds of hours building them.

Then, you need to build marketing funnels out of your campaigns and be able to track results and engagement across all the channels that filter visitors back to your main site.

You have to constantly test, tweak, and optimize. You have to generate tons of content.

… and the stark reality of it is:

Small business owners are either delegating that duty to a junior employee to do in their spare time, or they are paying a web design company a couple hundred dollars a month to do it.

Now, let’s be honest. In order to do it right, you will need to have at least 2 people working 60 hours a week each in order to get results. And It will take about 6 – 8 months to start seeing those results in the form of bankable money.

So even if you pay those employees $20 an hour that’s 480 hours a month times 20 + insurance, and payroll taxes. You are looking at about $15,000 a month.

Now, do you honestly believe that you can give a web development company $200 a month and get results? How about $1,200, or even $3,000?

Sounds impossible right?

Even though some web companies have learned how to streamline and optimize their workflow, do you really think that they can optimize it by 1,000% and still make money?

The answer is no.

When the Internet started, only big companies and savvy future minded programmers could leverage it.

Then we went through a phase where, as the prices of software, domain names and hosting went down, everyone could make a site and build an online presence.

Remember when everyone said the Internet was a level playing field? Well, not anymore!

Because now, the marketplace is crowded and it’s easy for the big companies with piles of cash to stand out. They have gotten really good at engaging audiences online and they can crush any competitor.

It’s not impossible to compete with them, but it will take a lot of work, and a lot of creative ideas.

If you are going to play the game, you need to know what’s involved. You need to know how to stand out and get noticed, you need to know how the game is played.

That’s what I’m going to give to you.

There’s more I want to say about this, but I want to let this gel in your mind for now.

Speak soon!

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

Mike Miller is the co-owner of Mindwhirl.com, a Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, Georgia that focuses on aligning sales and marketing for exponentially greater results. Michael’s mission is helping small business owners understand, and organize their marketing so they can make money and grow. Mindwhirl helps business owners plan and implement effective, profitable marketing campaigns and sales programs. If you need more sales, we know how to get leads and grow businesses. Call us today at (770) 295-8660, or email Mike at mmiller@mindwhirl.com.

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