Marketing Assessment

Marketing Assessment

Marketing AssessmentEvery business has its unique needs and methods of getting the word out about their products and/or services, but there are many challenges. The market you are trying to serve, your ability to reach them, the amount of capital you have for marketing, even the phase of your businesses growth determines the styles, methods, and effectiveness of your marketing.

As businesses grow and evolve, they become rigid in their sales and marketing. Then, as new technologies emerge, they simply “tack on” additional tasks and channels. This increases work and complexity, but does it increase revenue?

Mindwhirl will assess your current process, identify what’s working and what’s not, and prepare a plan of action which, when implemented, will create measurable positive results for your company’s bottom line.

The type of marketing plan we create can be used by your team as a step-by-step plan of action you will use to grow your business — and we can coach you and guide you through every step of the process to ensure you achieve maximum effectiveness and value.

Alternatively, we can perform the implementation for you and guarantee the results… either way, you will have the guidebook for how to create exceptional revenue gains in your individual business.

When we work with you, we ensure you understand every aspect of the marketing plans we create. You will know who, what, why and how. You’ll know what to do first, second, third. You’ll know how to optimize your marketing and increase your returns exponentially.

As a result, your marketing will stand out from your competition and your entire company will be coordinated and congruent. You won’t be wondering what to do to get more customers anymore. You won’t be frustrated at your results and worried about the future — you will have a plan of action that will steadily grow your business and increase your revenues beyond what you believe is possible.

We believe that a company must truly serve it’s client base in order to make a difference in their lives and stand-out from the competition. That means providing exceptional value. When your company does that, there is no actual competition. Then, your company can charge a premium for your products and services. In turn, customers will flock to you because they see and appreciate how much your company values them, and in return they will value your company.

While we utilize a variety of inbound and outbound marketing techniques, it’s the implementation of marketing systems and marketing automation that make it easy for a company to deliver exceptional products and services with exceptional customer service.

Our assessment will show you how to systemize your marketing. When you implement marketing systems several things happen: 1) Every customer gets the same level of quality service. 2) You can simplify tasks so that unskilled workers can perform them. 3) You can track customers and conversions easily. 4) You can measure and optimize your advertising and increase your response rates and conversion rates — in other words, make a lot more money without spending more!

Every business owner struggles with the question: “How do I make more sales?”

The answer is: Develop a marketing plan, which includes a plan of action. Then, take action, measure your results, tweak your messages based on the feedback you are receiving, refine your plan, and take action again.

At Mindwhirl, we help you accomplish all of this. We help you develop the plan and the plan of action. We can coach and guide you to success, or we can implement it for you — either way, with Mindwhirl, increasing your sales and growing your business is guaranteed.

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