The Plug'N Profit Marketing Jumpstarts - SEO Checklist

What to do when publishing your content


Make Google Love You!

I know I'm going to get some weird looks and ruffle a few feathers over this but, SEO is both important and irrelevant for B2B businesses today.

It's important because you want to get eyes on your website content and offers. When people are searching for an answer to a problem you solve, you want them to find you. But you can't just "do" SEO. You have to apply the "optimization" to content. So you have to have content. If you don't have content, you can't do SEO. (No matter how many people want to sell it to you.)

The best way to "do" SEO is to apply a checklist to your process and ensure things are done correctly when publishing content.

That's exactly what our Plug'n Profit Marketing Jumpstart - SEO Checklist gives you! A checklist to use when publishing your content to ensure you have optimized your page for the search engines.