Advanced Client Acquisition with the Client Magnet System:

The System We Use To Build Multi-Million Dollar Businesses


How to Monopolize Your Marketplace with the Client Magnet System

In this webinar, Mike Miller, co-owner of Mindwhirl dives into the Client Magnet System - a full-featured, direct response sales and marketing system that generates a constant flow of leads and customers.

This is the most advanced client acquisition system on the planet - but it’s easy to learn, use, and profit from.

The Client Magnet System incorporates every profitable school of marketing thought, every strategy, every tactic and simplifies it -- it gives you behind-the-scenes insight into how they all work -- and gives you the perfect strategy for attracting, persuading, and closing business.


  • How to attract a constant stream of leads that flow into your marketing funnel - using paid, earned and owned media.

  • The automated process to nurture and speed up the sales cycle - so you can profit from leads faster.

  • An alignment of sales and marketing - integrate outbound sales tactics with inbound marketing and amplify your effectiveness and results.

  • And much more…