Could This Be a Perfect Sales Email?

Women sending an email - Could this be a perfect sales email?I recently got an email offer from NLP Times that I think is amazing. If you don’t know about NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, look it up. Especially if you are in sales or marketing.

If you don’t know NLP Times, it’s the duo of a friendly Irish guy named Tom O’Connor and Master NLP Trainer Michael Breen.

Michael Breen has some serious NLP chops. Which he earned through a type of indentured servitude to the Founder, developer, and creator of NLP, the one and only, Richard Bandler.

He’s got a very interesting back story, which you can find out if you are interested. Suffice it to say he’s good friends with his ex-partner Paul McKenna.

If all of these people are un-known to you – and this sounds like gobbledy-gook, I understand, but they are interesting characters in the art of using language to influence and persuade.

That’s what makes them interesting.

Now, Michael Breen of NLP Times has a new program out. It’s called, “Success is a System.”

Since I am on their list, they sent me 4 emails to influence me to purchase their product.

Below, I have re-printed the first email I received in it’s entirety. It has links to the product in it, but these are not affiliate links. They take you to a salespage, which is also a work of persuasive art and salesmanship in print.

This is without a doubt one of the top 10 salesletters I’ve ever read. Truly, we could study this email for weeks to pull out the nuggets from it. I think it’s that good.

See what you think.

Sales Email



Do you have someone in your life like this?

You know the kinda person that seems to glide through life on a floating golden cloud…

Everything come easy to him or her.

I’ve always wondered about these people… heck who wouldn’t want to be one of these people!

So I made it my mission to research how this happens…after all what’s the point of having NLP skills if I can’t work out and model successful behaviours like this?

And what I found out was surprising to say the least…

Let’s put it this way: 

Remember the movie The Matrix – when Neo had a choice to take the blue pill or the red pill?

Well it’s exactly like that.

There is a system, and it has us all.

You see, a huge part of your life is operating on autopilot.

It’s being run by your system… a system built over decades.

A system made up of habits, thoughts,  emotions and deep programming.

But once you are aware that there is a system, and begin to understand how it controls your life…

You have a choice.

The blue pill takes you back to the autopilot life, dictated by goals of the system.

red pill lets you break free from autopilot land… pull yourself up and out of unconscious behaviours… observe your system and decide if its actually serving you.

And when you realise where it is not, you can ‘hack’ the system (making lasting changes) so your system is totally aligned with your goals!

When that happens, like Neo, you start to do and achieve things you didn’t even know was possible!

Those people at the start of the email that always win at life – they are red pill people…. they have designed success systems that work for them… that put success on autopilot.

Click here if you are ready to take the red pill.

See the winner isn’t doing anything different consciously – it’s his system. Through luck, choice, or a combination – these people have somehow developed:

Success Systems that support them.

This is why they walk through life on a cloud – it’s because their system is aligned with their goals and desires.

For most of us the alignment is not there… our habits and programming, our emotions and actions… our system is actually doing something else and sabotaging our chances of success.

Until Now:

Click here to find out more  about how you can change your  programming and develop success systems that support you.

To your success,

P.S. This is an all NEW product I’m launching with Michael and it’s our best work to date… for a number of reasons…and starting tomorrow I’m going to share with you why this is so different from anything else we have ever done.

Make sure you keep a look out for the next email.
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