M5 – Are Guest Posts Dead?

This week in the news there was a story, actually it was last week, last week in the news there was a story about guest posting by Matt Cutts who is a Google spokesperson and he said guest posting is done, stick a fork in it.

He basically said in his article that Google has figured out a way to eliminate the links that come from a guest posts on other peoples blogs.

So let’s back up for a minute, what’s a guest post? If you have a blog and you want to get other people to your blog, traffic to your blog, then you will write articles for other peoples blogs. They have an audience and a percentage of that audience will see that article and come to your website because they like what you wrote. Also, you get a link back from the other website to your website which Google used to see.

Matt Cutts is saying that they see it and are now going to eliminate that value it gives you. Which means two things. There are two potentials here.

The first potential is that Matt Cutts may be stretching the truth. Maybe Google doesn’t have the technology to be able to weigh the strength of links. Because if I got a link from Huffington Post it’s essentially a guest post, if I wrote an article and it got posted, it’s a blog post. Matt is saying that the link from that post would not count anymore. I think that’s wrong. So it could all be a ruse. But let’s say it’s not a ruse, what then?

There are two reasons to do a guest post to begin with. The first is to get a percentage of traffic from the other website to your website. The second is to get that link, so that Google can see it and rank you higher in the search engines. If the link doesn’t count anymore, then there is no sense in doing articles for websites that don’t have an audience. So the C and D level websites forget them. But that means the A and B level websites are going to be hit by all the bloggers in the blogosphere who normally do guest posts to get traffic. You can see the problem. Now all the sudden Copy Blogger, Huffington Post, American Express Open Forum, Kiss Metrics, and a whole slew of others are going to be inundated with guest posts from bloggers in the blogosphere.

That means for you to stand out with your business it’s going to be even more difficult . Basically what Google is saying is: you have two options, and I think it’s going this way anyway. Adwords and Google Plus. Google Plus has not been adopted by everyone but Google is still pushing it. Soon it seems as though they are going to make Google Plus that social indicator of a quality website, and if you have a lot of traffic on Google Plus then Google will rank you higher.

There’s a lot to think about. I wanted to make sure you understood the news and if you are thinking about doing guest posts, now it the time.

That’s this week’s M5!

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