M5 – Should You Reduce Your Ad Spend?

Many of the small business owners that I have been speaking with are asking me how they can reduce their monthly ad spend. That’s the wrong question. Marketing is like an investment, just like the stock market, the less you invest into the stock market, the less your return will be.

So the goal isn’t to reduce your ad spend by 500 hundred dollars a month, it’s to increase it by 100,000 a month. Slowly, over time, but increase it. Because if you can get 4 dollars back for each dollar you spend or invest how many dollars will you invest? As many as you have right?

You never want to decrease your ad spend, unless something is not working. If that’s the case, then just take the money from the tactic that’s not working and reinvest it into the tactics that are.

That’s this week’s M5!

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