M5 – How to Achieve Your Goals with Systems

It’s the first week of January, and that means it’s time to reassess, and refocus on our personal and professional goals.

That’s why, we are going to focus on systems and processes for this entire month.

While that may not make sense right now, the truth is, your life runs on systems. Those systems may be unknown, ineffective or broken; nonetheless, you are achieving what you are achieving based on the systems and processes you are using.

If you’ve been following us, which you should be, you may know that we are big fans of the tote model. The tote model moves through four stages: test, operate, test, and exit.

Similarly, the systems model moves through four stages: input, system throughput, output, and a feedback loop.

When you compare the tote model with the systems model, you will find that they are virtually identical.

Why is this important?

Because in order to achieve your goals, the only way to ensure success is by creating systems and processes which, when completed, will carry you across the finish line, and you will achieve your goal.

So since this is the first week of January, and you are most likely stumbling on keeping to your new years resolutions; in order to get back on track and ensure that you will lose the weight, quit smoking, grow your business, or whatever you have decided to achieve, you must identify the systems at work, and the processes you will use to achieve your goals.

Most people make vague resolutions. That’s why they fail. Some take it a little further and create short and long-term goals, but still fail.

The people who are successful, and consistently achieve their goals, create systems and processes for achieving their goals.

They use the tote model, or the systems model, to first identify the steps necessary to achieve the goal, and second – schedule time to measure their effectiveness, judge the results, and optimize their processes. This is known as the second test in the tote model, or the feedback loop in the systems model.

Without a process to achieve your goals, and regular measurement, judgment, and optimization of those processes: you will never achieve your goals.

So, since you want to achieve your goals, and we want to help you in any way we can, look up the tote model, or the systems model, learn about them, create your processes, and start taking action. If you do that, I guarantee you will achieve your goals.

That’s this week’s M5.

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