Keep Hackers out with Two-Factor Authentication – 2FA – Day 4 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

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Keeping Hackers Out with Two Factor Authentication 2FA

WATCH Keep Hackers out with Two-Factor Authentication – 2FA – Day 4 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

Mike Miller 

So Craig, we’ve already talked about passwords and password security and using a password manager. What about two factor authentication?

Craig Taylor 

Two factor authentication, oh, this is the gold standard for authentication. If you have a critical account, whether it’s a bank account, or a wire transfer, or logging into an email account, which has oftentimes, all kinds of important information about you and your identity, you should be protecting it with two factor authentication. But what is it, it’s very simply to have three factors, something you are like, and when you look at your phone to unlock it with face ID, your face is something you are a fingerprint, when you in the older phones, you put a thumbprint down and you unlocked it that is something you are it’s a physical trait or a characteristic.

Something you know is what we’re all familiar with. It’s a password, right? You would log into most of your your bank with a username and a password, something you know, and either a physical identifier or something you have something you know, something you are and something you have, those are the three factors from something you have, it could be your cell phone itself, it receives a text message from your bank.

And so first you use your username password to log into the bank, then it sends you a text message, you enter the six digit code, and you have done successfully two factor or what others other people call multi factor authentication, there is a fourth factor which I don’t I can just mention briefly, it’s it’s a location factor. So you might not be able to log into a company asset, if you’re not physically at the company, right?

So you would have two factor is something you know, something you are or something you have plus being physically present. So there’s a location factor, that’s a fourth factor. But for all intents and purposes, every other person and SMBs in this world are going to use one of the two of those three factors. So I think you have a graphic and I wanted to share the importance of two factor authentication. This is something CyberHoot produced about a …  for multi factor authentication.

And what it’s shows you is that Microsoft published their own statistics on how many of the email accounts were compromised in January of 2020. Over 1.2 million accounts, that means a hacker logged into someone else’s email account and read their life story of all the sent messages, right? And filtered out, you know, tax returns and identity theft information and banking information and you name it 99.9% of the compromised accounts did not have multifactor enabled. So the call to action for everyone on this call, or everyone watching this today, if you’re a small business owner, make sure you have multi factor enabled for your critical accounts banking, it’s not an option, they force it, but your email access to your O 365 or Google G Suite has to be two factor authentication protected. Other critical accounts that control financials needs to be two factor authentication.

Shelly Miller 

Okay, and how can we get started on that? Is there a way that we can just we just open up those pieces of software and

Craig Taylor 

Yeah, well, your managed service providers should be able to set it up for you at over 365 G Suite that’s that’s for sure. The banks force it. But if you’re looking at any of your other online accounts, you can look at the security settings and if it supports multi factor, oftentimes it’s just scanning a QR code with your phone and it will then register your phone it’ll display a six digit code and every time you log in after that, you’ll put in the six digit code it’s actually very simple.

So may take the extra time to enable two factor authentication on any and all of your online accounts, Salesforce, ADP, QuickBooks, Smart Sheets, any of those SAS solution Software as a Service solutions support to FA and you should enable it

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

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