Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 – 31 Days of Cybersecurity Terms and Topics Videos

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 - 31 Days of Cybersecurity Terms and Topics

WATCH 31 Days of Cybersecurity Terms and Topics explained in plain English

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 – 31 Days of Cybersecurity Videos

Mike Miller

October is CyberSecurity Awareness Month. And as a special treat, we, Mindwhirl, decided to partner with CyberHoot, and its Co Founder Craig Taylor to develop 31 video series.

So every day, there’s another Cybersecurity Awareness #cybersecurityawarenessmonth, video that is short, less than five minutes, that explains a certain or specific cybersecurity topic that gives you the information you need to know to be safe and protected. Because as an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of the inherent risks, that the technology that you need to use to run your business has within it, right, so you can’t get away from the technology, you have to have it.

But you also need to know that if you plug your phone in to a charger at the airport, you could be hacked. If you get a thumb drive or a USB stick from a can a conference or some event, you know, it’s got their logo and some company’s logo on it. But it could also have a virus or the ability for a hacker to infiltrate your, your network on it as well. So yeah, you got to know this stuff. And we hope that these videos are not only informative, but also entertaining. And then there’s another value, which is a marketing value. If you kind of read between the lines and look at it from a meta level. There’s 31 videos here, that’s a lot of content. But we were able to batch that out and do it in four sessions with Craig and do multiple videos back to back. And then really, it’s all down to editing. So I guess what we’re trying to say is that anyone has the ability with you know, even if you’re just using the phone in your pocket, you have the ability to create awesome videos that can attract your ideal client can share your knowledge and information and make a difference not only for your business, but in the lives of your clients and customers.

Shelly Miller

And additionally, you can use the videos as reference or to help you sell these other services. Craig does a great job of being completely succinct, and precise in his explanations of each term and topic for cybersecurity. So it would also help you in a selling technique when you’re in a selling situation would you say?

Mike Miller

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I think there’s many ways that you can use these videos and you know, let us know in the comments, tell us send us an email let us know how you’re using them and how you like them. And and we’d love to hear

so hit the bell so you can be notified of exactly when we put these videos out. They’ll be out the same time every day, but you’ll be notified to watch it from your phone. That easy and quick.

Yeah. And so we’ll see on the videos and if you need anything, let us know

Shelly Miller

Shelly Miller

Entrepreneur, marketer and social psychologist - I help you make the most of your business with marketing, online and offline.

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