Michael and Shelly Miller
(A.K.A. Mindwhirl), are marketing coaches, marketing consultants and Atlanta marketing copywriters.

We started out as web developers in 1998, then developed a strange curiosity for understanding why people spent more money on a page where the main headline was in bold red, instead of the one with bold black. That sent us on a thrilling, yet endless search for understanding why people respond the way they do to advertising and marketing specifically, and the world in general.

So, we did what every married couple does in their 30’s, we went back to school to become social psychologists. Along the way we picked up a curiosity for NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming. Michael began coaching clients in his spare time.

After years of study and research, we came to one remarkable conclusion: It’s all sales.

Everything is salesmanship. Every interaction we have with the world influences us in some way.

For instance, when coaching people, it may seem straightforward and appear to simply be a typical conversation, but there are 3 sales patterns taking place simultaneously:

  1. Using the clients preconceived beliefs about what will take place and the experience the coach brings to the table.
  2. Using the beliefs the client has about coaching in general. Believe it or not, people’s beliefs vary widely, yet fall into categories.
  3. Selling the client on the fact that what they desperately want to happen in their lives can actually be achieved, and boosting their belief in their ability to make it happen.

We found that, as amazing as it sounds, Psychologists aren’t actually Therapists. They are salespeople! Consultants, coaches, web developers, parking lot attendants, janitors, secretaries, executives – ALL salespeople!

Knowing how to sell requires the ability to get in the head of the other person. Not to force persuade them to do something against their will, but to as NLP says, find the edge of their map or model.

You see, people are more easily convinced to do something they understand and already believe to be possible, or true.

Try to sell a guy on the fact that he can earn $100,000 this year and watch the resistance that comes up. The level of resistance tells you something about what they believe to be true doesn’t it?

On the other hand, since he’s a homeowner, convincing him that the turf lifter 3000 is the shovel for him is relatively easy.

We would use what’s considered universally true about, or what everyone already thinks or already believe about shovels?

  • Lighter ones are easier to use
  • After a year, the head falls off
  • It’s back breaking work
  • It takes a long time to dig a hole

So, for fun, let’s use what we know he thinks about shovels to sell him ours.

Homeowners/ Gardeners: Do you like digging?

Let’s be honest, no one does. But when you are doing yard work, like digging up plants, leveling topsoil, and making homes for your new plants to live, you need a quality shovel.

You’ve tried the wooden handled ones – the head fell off after a year. You’ve tried fiberglass too, but the head fell off again! Maybe you’ve even spent $50 for a top of the line shovel, just to have it fall apart on you after a year too.

Let’s face it, shoveling dirt is a pain. It’s heavy, it’s tiring, and it takes forever. No homeowner or gardener is fortunate enough to live in a place where the soil is fluffy and easy to dig and move. Native soils are hard, packed, clay, or full of rocks, roots, and oddities like glasses, bottles, plates, and concrete blobs.

Digging is tough, back-breaking work!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone used technology to change the way the common shovel works forever? Well, at Digco we are that someone.

Introducing the Turf Lifter 3000. It’s clever American engineering solves all of your earth moving problems once and for all. Our Turf Lifters are designed so that you can punch holes in the ground faster than any other shovel on the planet!


Simple. We have changed the shovel forever and taken care of you and your back in six ways:

First, our patented diamond zag edges slice through roots and twigs easily, while also dislodging and glancing off the rocks in the soil. This means you can apply less pressure as you dig, saving your arms and back.

Second, we have measured the payload capacities of all the shovels on the market and have developed a triple bend pattern on our head. This allows you to dig round holes more easily, and the extra capacity will make it easier on your back.

I know what your thinking, “but how is more capacity easier on my back?” Let me explain:

In tests run at the University of Virginia in 1997, Dr. Carl Glossner found that in bodybuilders, it wasn’t the weight lifted that affected their recovery time, it was the repetitions. The doctor saw the effects of the exercise on the muscles when used in one direction, but what about multi-directional lifting like the lifting and turning required when shoveling. Because of the unique design of our shovels, we were chosen along with our competitors products for the tests.

The results? The studies conducted by Dr. Glossner showed a significant reduction in recovery time when using our shovel to move a quarter ton of dirt, versus our competitors shovels. In fact, Dr. Glossner even suggested that due to the extended time required to move the soil from one location to another with the competitions inferior shovels, the subjects were more likely to tire faster and seriously injure themselves.

Our shovelhead has been engineered to hold 1.5 gallons of material, half a gallon more than any of our competitors, and that means more done in less time.

But you may think, more capacity? Won’t that be heavier? Actually, no.

We use stronger, lighter than steel materials for our shovelheads. The weight of one gallon of soil in a standard shovel head and the weight of 1.5 gallons of soil in the Turf Lifter shovelhead are nearly identical. The difference? Just 0.7 ounces. Less than one ounce! Can you believe it?

The Turf Lifter 3000 is the finest shovel ever created.

But we didn’t stop there! In addition to the remarkable improvements we have made to the shovelhead, the changes we have made to the shaft are just as groundbreaking.

Third, we re-designed the shaft to be 4 inches longer. That 4 inches may not seem like much, but it’s an extra 600 lbs of leverage when you need it. Overall, the Turf Lifter 3000 has enough strength and leverage to lift a Brand New Ford Fusion. That’s 2,600 pounds of pure leverage. All you need is the right log, or rock as a pivot, and you can safely move those large boulders, or pavers in your yard.

You may be wondering if all of that use is going to damage the shovel over time, but …

Fourth, the Turbo Lifter’s shaft is crafted from carbon fiber cloth and aluminum mesh. The shafts in the turbo lifter are cutting edge technology developed by Fujikawa, the number one manufacturer of fiberlite shafts, and carbon fiber shafts for the golf industry.

They turned the golf shaft industry on its ear by developing the finest carbon fiber, aluminum mesh infused shafts in the world. These shaft were originally developed for use by the U.S. Army for a top secret purpose even we don’t know about. What we do know is, these shafts custom designed for our shovel heads will last a long, long time. In fact, we GUARANTEE it! More on that soon …

Fifth, The fiberlite carbon fiber shaft has been triple reinforced with an overlayment of titanium on the tip which has been chemically infused with the shaft. Then, we attach the head to the shaft with 3 titanium sonic welded rivets. In plain English, this head will never come off! It would require over 40 tons of shear strength to remove the head of our shovel from the shaft. With our competitors, it only requires about 600 pounds. But as their shovel ages, the shear strength fades dramatically!

Finally, we took a page from the golf industry and counterbalanced the shaft in the Turf Lifter 3000 to make sure that it balances perfectly in your hand. That makes it much easier to wield and use when compared to a conventional shovel.

The Turf Lifter 3000 is the Finest Shovel Ever Created.

Imagine getting more done in less time. The shovel moving easily through the soil – cutting through roots – a breeze with the Turf Lifter. Then after finishing your yard work, or project, being ready and able to go out for a nice dinner with that someone special without all the aching and pain.

If you have to dig, you have to get the Turf Lifter 3000!

Unless you want to keep doing it the hard way, but that’s your choice. I wouldn’t. Neither would thousands of others around the world who are proud to own the Turf Liter 3000.

“I wasn’t sure the Turf Lifter would live up to it’s promises, but I was pleasantly surprised! Here in Texas, we have thick black clay. My wife calls it “Muck.” Well, not only was I impressed with how easy it was to turn the soil in our beds under the old Oak tree, which are full of roots, but I was amazed at how fast the work went. This shovel is lightweight, yet strong enough to take a beating! Last week my son Troy got his 4-wheeler stuck in the “Muck,” really good. The front left tire was plumb near completely under the soil. We found a fallen tree nearby and rolled it over near it, dug down beside the tire so we could get the Turf Lifter under it, and when we pulled back on the Turf Lifter that tire went “Schlock!” and popped right out! This Turf Lifter is just incredible and I never thought I would ever say something like that about a shovel.”

Lloyd Walker
Fort Worth, Texas

Look at all the Turf Lifter has to offer:

  • Diamond Zag(TM) Edges for easier digging
  • Re-engineered Convex Triple Bend head to make jobs faster
  • Carbon fiber/Aluminum mesh fiberlite shaft for reduced weight
  • Lengthened shaft for more leverage
  • Reinforced Collar for strength and a lifetime of durability
  • Counterbalanced for easy handling and increased efficiency

The Turf Lifter 3000 truly is the next generation of shovels. It’s designed with you in mind – to make your life, and your yard work easier.

The Turf Lifter Love It or Leave It Guarantee

We know the Turf Lifter 3000 to be of the highest quality. So high that we are willing to guarantee that you will absolutely fall in love with your Turf Lifter. When you break ground for the first time with your Turf Lifter, you are going to know that everything we have said is true. It is easier to use. It holds more, but doesn’t weigh more. It moves through the soil with ease – roots give hardly any resistance. The Turf Lifter 3000 truly is the Finest Shovel Ever Created.

In fact, we know that once you get the Turf Lifter in your hands and feel how light it is, how effortlessly it digs into the soil, and how much more earth you move with each shovel full, that you are going to consider it one of your most prized possessions.

If however, for whatever reason, you decide that you don’t need a shovel with the quality craftsmanship, and ease of use of the Turf Lifter, you can return it within the first 90 days free of charge. That’s right, we will refund every penny of your purchase price, and we’ll even pay for shipping!

That’s an outrageous guarantee, I know. But we can make that guarantee because we are so certain that once you lay your eyes on the turf lifter for the first time, you will instantly fall in love with it.

Try it out, dig a hole, move stone, turn and level your beds for planting. Whatever you like. If you aren’t completely satisfied, send it back for a full refund. You have nothing to lose!

Because we know that once you try your Turf Lifter 3000, you won’t want to part with it.


Now I could keep going.

I could talk about the 5-year warranty, I could put a lot more testimonials in. I could unveil the price and the special offer. There’s a lot more I could do … but let me ask you:

If you had gardening work to do, would you like to have this shovel?

Man, I know I would!

I’d pay $150 for that shovel.

But I wouldn’t have to, because now, for a limited time, the Turf Lifter 3000 is available for just $99.95.

That’s a steal!

Now notice that it doesn’t matter that the Turf Lifter costs TWICE AS MUCH as the best regular old shovel you can get at the big orange chain of hardware stores. It’s not in the same league as regular shovels – it’s an entirely different animal altogether.

Now maybe, this shovel isn’t for everyone. Maybe it’s only for the affluent. But at $99 it only takes half of the market share of the bigger tool companies to equal the same profits. But I think it would start selling like wildfire. This is what Dyson did to vacuums.

There’s a lot going on here. A lot of marketing knowledge including positioning, getting into the mind of the buyer, and creating a repeatable system to generate leads. All vital to businesses.

Copywriting isn’t just putting words on paper, it’s, as Gary Halbert said, “Salesmanship in Print.”

Do you have products or services you would like to sell?

Odds are your advertising is ineffective and costly. That means you are doing it wrong. But it’s not just you, I recently got this postcard in the mail:

I’ve blurred out the company name for now, just so you won’t know who it is.

Let me ask you, is this the kind of advertising you have been doing? Go on, you can be honest.

This is a DSW ad. If they don’t know how to do it, then why would you be able to do it? After all, they have millions to spend on advertising, surely they know how to do it right. So, you are just looking out there, noticing what others do, and duplicating it right?


If I had to make every penny of my advertising count, I would sell something to someone. That’s why you need a really good, really experienced copywriter … like us!

I’m sure you are tired of wasting your marketing dollars. Tired of not knowing if you are going to grow, or lose ground this month. It doesn’t have to be that way – You need Atlanta marketing copywriters!

You can know with a high degree of certainty how much revenue you will generate from your marketing. It may take 6 months to get to that point, but if you are doing it right, you will soon be able to make predictions about what’s coming in six months from now.

That’s how you grow a business. That’s how you plan!

Need an experienced partner to help you traverse the ground from where you are to where you want to be? Need Atlanta marketing copywriters with the skills to make your promotions pull?Contact us!

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