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Content Marketing
Content marketing is another foundational piece in the inbound marketing puzzle. Combined with blogging and PR, content marketing provides the information that encourages first-time visitors, prospects, clients, and partners to engage with your company. This information, when done correctly, sets your company apart from the competition through incorporation of your Unique Selling Proposition, and your core story.

Content marketing takes form as the guides, whitepapers, digital brochures, books, reports, and other free content you provide. This content, when used correctly, educates, informs, entertains, persuades, and guides multiple targeted groups into and through your sales funnel.

Our goal is to help you create the timeless content that sets you apart as the expert in your industry and market. We help you create a content game-plan that meets the needs of the various groups you are trying to reach and persuade.

When you have a bank of information that educates your consumer as to why you are better, why they should do business with you, how the products or services you offer are a better value, and defines your commitment to them, you will capture a larger share of the marketplace and have customers coming to you pre-sold and ready to order.

That means your business will grow steadily over time as more and more people come in contact with you.

In the last century, the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, businesses had marketing collateral that they used to “sell” their clients. These took the form of business cards, brochures, and sell sheets. Today, we have expanded the collateral to include educational pieces — from books to whitepapers and everything in between.

The businesses who provide this information are head and shoulders above their competition.


Because a business should be in business to serve a need in the marketplace. If your business serves that need better, it’s in your best interest to announce it and reinforce it every chance you get. People want to buy, but they want to buy from people who make them feel good, special, and taken care of.

They won’t know what you offer or how good your products or service is until you tell them.

That’s what we help you do. We identify the information that your customers, and the marketplace needs to know about your company, your products, and your services. We then craft compelling messages and incorporate them into content that can be given away, or sold, to educate and inform your market about your company — and why they should do business with you instead of anyone else.

At Mindwhirl, we fit your needs. There are many options when creating content for businesses. Therefore, while our content marketing package starts at $2,000 a month, the investment can comprise several forms of collateral: books, guides, reports, whitepapers, etc.

Initially, we research the business, the marketplace, and interview the topic experts within your organization. Once we have nailed down the messages that set your company apart, we will develop a content plan to develop and deliver the content for maximum exposure.

Since there is overlap between several of our packaged solutions, discounts will apply when you are also utilizing our blogging, PR, and/or Social Media packages.

If you would like to learn more about our content marketing package, contact us, we’d be glad to answer all of your questions.