Why You Need Marketing Automation

You sell B2B? You have marketing automation right?

You need marketing automation!

I’m not trying to sell you on a specific vendor of marketing automation because, well, they all do just about the same thing.

I’m just letting you know that you can’t generate leads from your website without marketing automation.

Well, I suppose you could, but it would be like sitting through the Transformers 4 movie.

Let’s look at the Client Magnet System map!

The Client Magnet System is the complete model for uniting and aligning Sales and Marketing and creating an Inbound and Outbound client acquisition engine in your business – that attracts more leads, boosts sales and energizes your growth!

And remember, you want to align Sales and Marketing because they are just like the wheels of a car. You want them working together, moving in the same direction, not working against each other.

And since your client acquisition phase is the front-end of your business, by using the Client Magnet System you automatically give your business a front-end alignment.

And that kick starts a new level of growth that accelerates over time, driving more and more revenue.

The best part, even though the Client Magnet System Map represents all of your Sales and Marketing operations, it is easy to use and understand.

There’s 4 layers, or stages: Tools, Traffic, Client Acquisition, and Post-Sale. We’ll go over all of it in future videos, but in this video we are discussing marketing automation, in the Tools layer, on the marketing side of the map.

Remember, there are a lot of tools you can use when marketing, but the tools layer represents the most important, essential tools you must have to make the system work.

Marketing automation, no matter which vendor you use, has two essential features:

  • Email Marketing
  • Extra Stuff that makes marketing easier

Let’s look at them!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is useful for staying in front of your leads and your customers.

Remember your funnels on your website where visitors trade their contact information for something like a free guide or ebook – called a lead magnet?

Now that you have their contact information, you deliver the lead magnet and send 5 follow up emails that reinforce the information you gave them.

These emails educate, inform, and entertain while they persuade and sell.

We call those 5 emails a framing sequence because you frame your solution with them.

Then, leads go into a programming sequence, which are entertaining versions of your message delivered week after week after week.

It’s all done with email marketing.

And contrary to popular opinion, it’s mostly email marketing that gets your funnels to make it rain.

But email marketing isn’t all there is to marketing automation … there’s also extra stuff!

Extra Stuff (* that makes marketing easier)

When I say extra stuff, I mean stuff like site tracking, event tracking, automation goals, funnel mapping, attribution, split testing, and contact & lead scoring.

This extra stuff is what really makes marketing automation valuable.

Site Tracking

Site tracking allows you to track when a lead visits your site and track the pages they visited.

This helps you understand how your leads are interacting with your site and your content so you can optimize it and get better results.

With site tracking, you will be able to identify what your leads want to see and which messages resonate with them – it’s like stalking, but without restraining orders.

This leads to a quicker decision on their part to make the right choice and buy from you.

Event Tracking

Event tracking takes it to another level by helping you understand what the lead did on each page.

Did they login? Did they watch a video? How much? Did they click a button?

With event tracking, you get extra data that helps you design a user experience that entices your leads to take action.

Automation Goals

Automation goals give your leads a pathway to move along.

For instance, if you want someone to buy after 10 emails, then you set that goal. If they don’t buy, then you take special actions to encourage them to purchase.

Unfortunately you can only legally “encourage” people even though some are stubborn – isn’t that right like Karen.

Funnel Mapping

Funnel mapping gives you a graphical representation of all the automations you have in your funnel. In essence, it shows you your entire funnel.

This helps you look at your marketing strategy from a higher point of view, strategize and easily spot weaknesses, and holes in your marketing funnel.


Attribution helps you answer the question, where did this lead come from?

It helps to know if they saw your ad, searched Google, or found you on social media. That way you’ll know where to keep investing your resources.

There’s an old saying by John Wannamaker that goes something like, “I know half of my marketing investment is giving me a return. I just don’t know which half.” With attribution, you will know which half.

Split Testing

Split testing gives you the ability to create alternate versions of your marketing funnel automations and send people through all of them at random.

Kinda like going to Vegas and betting on everything all at once but without coming home broke or with strange addictions.

This means you can quickly pick the winner, find the losers and deliver messages that sell.

Contact & Lead Scoring

This is where Sales and Marketing start to become aligned!

Let’s imagine a lead comes to your site and downloads one of your guides.

Then 3 days later they come back and download another guide. Another couple more days pass and they sign-up for a webinar and attend it.

If you weren’t using contact & lead scoring, you wouldn’t know they had done that. But if you were you would realize that person is probably interested in what you sell! Why else would they take that many actions to learn about your solutions.

With contact & lead scoring, when a lead takes an action on your site, they are awarded points. When the points equal a certain amount, sales should contact them.

Well, Marketing automation is a huge topic and each tool has nuances with what it can do.

One thing is for certain: like your website, marketing automation is an essential tool for enabling you to generate leads and nurture them to close.

But there’s still more to learn!

Luckily you’ve got the Client Magnet System to help you out!

Want to learn more about the Client Magnet System?

Check out our QuickGuide that goes over the entire Client Magnet System and gives you an overview of how you can align Sales and Marketing and achieve exponential growth.

Or, want to go even deeper? Then check out our webinar on-demand, that goes into how we 5x’d our business with the Client Magnet System, where it came from, how it all works and why it works so well.

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