MoFu – Generate Leads and Speed up Your Sales Cycle

Welcome to the middle of the funnel, also known as MoFu.

This is where a true sales funnel begins. That’s where you generate leads, and speed up your sales cycle, all while building a brand engagement and increasing awareness about your business. strap yourself in because we’re going deep.

So what is the middle of the funnel? What’s its role? And where does it fit into your sales and marketing system, the best place to start and to get some context is with the client magnet system. So let’s take a look at the client magnet system map.

The Client Magnet System is the complete model for uniting and aligning sales and marketing. And creating an inbound and outbound client acquisition engine in your business that attracts more leads, boosts sales and energizes your growth. And remember, you want to align sales and marketing because they’re just like the wheels of a car, you want them working together, moving in the same direction. So you get this and not this.

There’s four layers or stages, tools, traffic, client acquisition, and post sale. We’ll go over all of it in future videos. But in this video, we’re discussing the middle of the funnel, also known as MoFu in the client acquisition layer on the marketing side of the map.

So now you know where the middle of the funnel is on the Client Magnet System map. But do you remember the buyers journey, when you look at the buyers journey, the middle of the funnel is the interest stage. And when you overlay the buyers journey over the client magnet system map, you can see the buyers journey is represented as the funnel on the marketing side in the client acquisition phase.

So let’s think about where we are and what we’re trying to do here in the middle of the funnel.

First, we want to intrigue and interest visitors at the top of the funnel into downloading a guide, a video, a course or a seven day email sequence, or into taking a quiz or a survey, or using a calculator that answers their questions and solves their problems.

This content lives in the middle of the funnel, and visitors exchange their contact information for it. It’s different content from a blog post or an article. It’s typically downloadable. And we call this type of content a lead magnet because the visitor exchanged their contact information for it, which means we can reach out to them market to them and contact them in the future.

And they’ve expressed enough interest in solving their problem that they qualify to be in the middle of the funnel. So we pulled in visitors got them to raise their hands, request some type of special information and got their contact information.

Next, we want to create a desire in them to get them to want to purchase and move into the bottom of the funnel. But we’ll talk about that next week.

The middle of the funnel is a filtering mechanism. Those people who’ve given you their contact information are in the middle of the funnel and are considered leads. Before we wrap this video up, there’s two more important points to make.

Have you heard of sales funnels? A sales funnel only has three or four pieces, a landing page promoting a MoFu or Bofu offer, a thank you page and an optional upsell or down sell sequence. That’s it.

Your lead magnets in the middle of the funnel and the bottom of the funnel are the offers you make in your sales funnels.

Finally, once you generate these leads, hey, you know who could use them?

You think your sales people could reach out to those leads? Maybe follow up with them, see if they had any questions or need any more information?

And do you think with all this different content you’ve created, not just about your business and the benefits of your products and services, but about how they can make their jobs and lives easier?

Do things quicker, live better, and reduce costs? Do you think it speed up your sales cycle? Don’t you think it makes it quicker?

It does. And it seems obvious, right? That’s how you use the middle of the funnel. That’s how you generate leads and interest about your business and how you speed up the time it takes for the average lead to buy from you.

Your middle of the funnel content needs to be attractive and engaging, powerful and influential. That’s how you attract a lot of attention, generate much more leads, influence them and build your brand.

That’s all I got for you this week. Make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell to be notified when we put out new videos. We’ll see in the next one.

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➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

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