Do MSPs Need A CRM

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If you are an MSP and you are wondering if you need a CRM or not, this video is for you!

So you may have your client contact information in your PSA and think, that’s my CRM right?

Actually, no!

I’m sure some could be used that way, but to understand if you need a CRM or not, you need to understand what it’s function is.

The term CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

And that’s the problem! This is why you might think your PSA is your CRM.

But to me, a CRM isn’t about customers … it’s about leads and prospects!

It’s a SALES tool!

Sure, you can have Customer data in it, but that’s not what you use it for.

What Does A CRM Do?

So what does a CRM do?

A CRM is a tool that gives you a place to keep all of the contact information you have on your leads, prospects and clients.

It also allows you to keep notes and records of contact attempts, conversations and other data and files that are associated with a contact.

Plus, it allows you to create a sales outreach process, a prospecting process, and schedule it so that each contact is … well, contacted … on the appropriate day, in the appropriate way.

And it helps you keep track of it all and measure your results!

With just these features, CRMs are amazing tools. 

But some have bumped it up a notch with automation options that take all the work out of emailing contacts or scheduling next calls.

Do MSPs Need A CRM?

So now that you know what a CRM is and how you use it, you may still wonder, is a CRM right for me?

Well, this is a short video, so I’m going to give you a long answer:

Let’s look at the client magnet system map.

As you can see on the Client Magnet System map, CRM is in the Tools layer on the Sales side of the map.

That means a CRM is a Sales tool.

It’s the tool you use to coordinate all of your outbound sales activities.

So let me ask you, are you doing outbound prospecting?

If so, you need a CRM. It’s as simple as that.

But I will say, if you answered NO to that question, and you are not doing outbound prospecting… then you are vulnerable.

Sales has a great return on investment. Just like Marketing. But you get better results from having both in play than just one. And you get exponentially greater results when Sales and Marketing are aligned.

So in my opinion, YES! You need a CRM!

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➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

Michael Miller

Michael Miller

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