BoFu – Convert Leads by Creating Desire and Building a Case to Buy

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Are you ready to talk about the bottom of the funnel? This is where the money’s made. And if you want to convert leads to sales at a high rate, you want to make sure you have your bottom of the funnel, right? So what is the bottom of the funnel? What’s its role? And where does it fit into your sales and marketing system.

Again, the best place to start and get some context is with the Client Magnet System. So let’s look at the client magnet system map.

The Client Magnet System is the complete model for uniting and aligning sales and marketing. And creating an inbound and outbound client acquisition engine in your business that attracts more leads, boosts sales, and energizes your growth. And remember, you want to align sales and marketing because they’re just like the wheels of a car, you want them working together moving in the same direction. So you get this. And not this.

There’s four layers or stages, tools, traffic, client acquisition, and post sale. We’ll go over all of it in future videos. But in this video, we’re discussing bottom of the funnel, also known as BoFu in the client acquisition layer on the marketing side of the map.

So let’s think about where we are and what’s going on here in the bottom of the funnel, your visitor learned about you was interested in some content you provided and read or watched your content, you made an offer for a middle of the funnel piece of content and they signed up to receive it, making them a lead.

They consume that content, enjoyed it and got value from it. You also made a clear case for your product or service and generated enough interest to learn more. And then that MoFu content, or in some other way, you made an offer for a bottom of the funnel piece of content, and they signed up for it making them a prospect.

You want your bottom of funnel content to continue the conversation to answer their questions and overcome their likely objections. Typical bottom of the funnel content consists of:

  • Webinars
  • 10 Reasons to Choose Us
  • Guide
  • Trials
  • Caparisons
  • Pre-recorded Messages
  • Courses

Your goal is to create desire and the prospect enough desire to take action and purchase from you. To do that, in addition to continuing the conversation, answering their questions and overcoming their likely objections, you have to give them a sound reason for purchasing make a strong emotional and logical case where the prospect would either save or gain money, time or resources and show them a clear future that’s better than their present.

Encourage them to buy now and make them envision working with you and enjoying your working relationship. But I want you to realize that your bottom of funnel content builds off the momentum and case you built with your top of funnel and middle of funnel content were you interested them in something your product or service does, and showed them why they should be interested in solving their problem.

I recently read virtual selling how to build relationships differentiate and win sales remotely by Mike Schultz, Dave Shaby, and Andy Springer of the rain group, which is one of the best global sales training companies like the best of the best. And just to show you how smart these guys are, in the book, they talk about five key areas in selling that are different now in a virtual selling world.

Number four is about case making or making a case for your products or services and getting your prospect to change from what they’re currently doing to your new, better way of doing things. Now, I’m not going to read it all to you now, even though it’s only a page, because the important thing in this small subsection is they’ve identified a pattern to make a sales case and created an easy way to memorize it. According to them. This is how you make a sales case. You tell your prospect do this, not that this way. Not that because at now, not later with us, not them.

Now the reason this is brilliant, is you can use it in every piece of content you create. And just like you can overlay the buyers journey on top of the marketing funnel, you can overlay this statement on top of the buyers journey in the marketing funnel as well and get this you can know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and each layer of the marketing funnel in the top of the funnel where they’re interested in learning new ways to do something or learn more about it.

You’re telling them Do this not that. And in the middle of the funnel, where they decided they would like to learn a little more about how to do what they were looking for, and they realized they may have a larger need and may have a problem that they would like to solve. You’re telling them to do it this way, not that. And in the bottom of the funnel, you’re taking everything they already know about your products and services, and making a business case for purchasing now, from you. You’re telling them to buy because to act now, not later, and with us, not them.

This is a brilliant device to remember the goals of the buyers journey. And you can use it as a pattern to create content with now even though the book virtual selling isn’t about the bottom of the marketing funnel, it’s a book every salesperson should read, especially now. If you’re interested, I have a link to it in the description. So after reading, you’re consuming your bottom of funnel content, your prospect should be ready to purchase.

Then all you have to do is take their credit card information.

Well that’s all I got for you this week. Make sure to like subscribe and hit the bell to get notified about new videos. We’ll see in the next one.

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➡️Book: Virtual Selling:

➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

➡️ Get the Client Magnet System Quick Guide

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Michael Miller

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