11 Organic Traffic Channels Other Than SEO and Social Media

Organic isn’t just about SEO and social media, there’s a lot more you can do, but each one of them is unique and takes special attention.

In this short video, we’re going to discuss the other means of driving traffic to your website organically. Let’s break them down. So here’s the list of other more unique traffic sources. podcast, guest posts, guest appearance, help a reporter out Quora, press releases, speaking engagements, partner sales channel, joint venture ads, directory listings, and forum boards. Now all of these are organized and included in the most complete marketing system in the world.

The Client Magnet System, the client magnet system is the complete model for uniting and aligning sales and marketing, and creating an inbound and outbound client acquisition engine in your business that attracts more leads, boost sales, and energizes your growth. And remember, you want to align sales and marketing because they’re just like the wheels of a car, you want them working together moving in the same direction. So you get this. And not this.

There’s four layers or stages, tools, traffic, client acquisition, and post sale. We’ll go over all of it in future videos. But in this video, we’re discussing organic in the traffic layer on the marketing side of the map. So in this video, I don’t want to talk at length about these extra old school sort of non ordinary ways to get traffic to your website for two reasons. First, there’s a bunch and that would be a boring video.

Second, each one’s unique and requires a lot of discussion on best practices and things to avoid. This series of videos is more high level educational, not in the trenches nitty gritty, even though I’ve already laid out some key strategies and shortcuts to success. So if I’m not going to talk about all these different organic traffic tactics, what am I going to share on this video, a call to action?

Have you identified your ideal client persona? You can’t skip that that’s how you fail. But let’s assume you have done the work and you know who you’re targeting. Ask yourself if your ideal client persona would be influenced by these tactics? And what strategies would you have to employ to make it work.

So let’s start with a podcast. Does your target market listen to podcasts? They’re getting more and more popular? If the answer is yes or no? How do you know? What’s your evidence to support that conclusion? off the top of your head? What do you think would be required to be successful and get clients using podcasts? Now let’s look at guest posts. Does your ideal client read blogs? The answer more than likely is yes. So off the top of your head, what do you think it takes to be successful and get clients using this tactic? I can already tell you with guest posts, you need to find out who your target market is listening to. And that’s where you need to be.

And when you found out where your target market is tuning in and who they’re already listening to, you should know which blogs, podcasts and email lists you need to be a guest on so you can get in front of them. The next three tactics are really just designed to get visibility and awareness. They are help a reporter out Cora and press releases. They’re all valid but you really can’t control anything about them. All you can do is really put information out there and get eyes on your business and your offerings.

Ideally, you’ll get some business but at the very least you’ll get some backlinks and that’ll help your SEO speaking engagements, speaking, speaking, speaking engagements, where would you speak? Who would you speak to? You can always speak at a chamber of commerce rotary are similar. But is your target market your ideal client persona there? Will they see it or are you just wasting your time do the research. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of people referring or selling for you for free or a small commission.

You can build a network of partners who sell similar or complementary products or services, and who will pitch your products or services when they’re pitching theirs. If you can find and build relationships with these companies, your sales will increase. Similarly, you can advertise on their lists, and then find others who will let you advertise on their lists. These are called joint venture ads.

I’m gonna throw groups into this segment, what you’ll want to do is find those forum boards and groups where your target market hangs out. If they aren’t there, you shouldn’t be either, but assuming they are, your job is to answer questions and let everyone know that you’re a nice, friendly, knowledgeable person who’s willing to help don’t overtly offer your services that’s perceived as rude for some reason on forum boards. So if they’re moderated, they don’t let that go on very long. You don’t need to advertise yourself to get business from forum boards in groups. Your likability and helpfulness will pave the way for people knowing liking and trusting you and that’s all you need to be successful. If you want to avoid getting the stink or slapped. Keep your sales messages low key.

All right, that’s all the time I have. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. Be sure to like and subscribe to keep vital business building information like this coming into your feed. We’ll see in the next one. And remember, take advantage of your opportunities.

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