Why You Need Marketing Automation

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You sell B2B? You have marketing automation right?

You need marketing automation!

I’m not trying to sell you on a specific vendor of marketing automation because, well, they all do just about the same thing.

I’m just letting you know that you can’t generate leads from your website without marketing automation.

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Why Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

Why Your Website Is Your Most Important Marketing Tool Banner image

Your website is your most important marketing tool!

Your website is your most important marketing tool because as a B2B business, you want to generate leads!

AND … You can’t do any form of digital marketing without it – because it’s the hub of all your marketing.

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How to Align Sales and Marketing

How to Align Sales and Marketing

If you are interested in aligning Sales and Marketing and wonder how it’s done, the answer is simple.

You align Sales and Marketing via:

  • Content
  • Process

If that’s the answer you were looking for … you’re welcome..

But, if you want to understand how content and process make the magic happen, then keep reading.

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Speed Up Your Sales Funnel with Cold, Warm and Hot Messages

Speed up your sales cycle with hot, warm and cold messages image

As you try to speed up your sales funnel you realize that Marketing is tough!

But you want to know what makes it tougher? Not having a grasp on what’s really going on in the mind of your Ideal Customer.

That’s why you have to know your target … your buyer … the person you are selling to – inside and out.

Which is a big ask I know.

When You Know Your Buyer

But once you really get to know them and understand their wants, needs, opinions, emotions and real desires, what do you say to them to get them to buy?

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How to Market Your B2B Business Now

How to market your business in 2018

Are you looking for the latest and greatest marketing info on the planet, so you know how to market your B2B business in 2020 and beyond? Do you want to grow your business exponentially? Do you want to make a lot more money?

Stick around and I’ll introduce you to the model that will help you accomplish all that and much, much more.

Where Is Marketing Headed?

The trouble with marketing now is it’s all over the place. Even the experts are grappling with questions such as: “Is digital marketing separate from regular marketing?” “Should it be equal to or subordinate to marketing?” Or even, “should our business not have a CMO anymore, and instead have the function run by a group of “officers,” like experience officer, creative director, revenue officer, director of branding and customer officer or director of customer experience?”

In the Harvard Business Review article “There are 4 futures for CMOs (some better than others),” the authors Mark Bonchek and Gene Cornfield detail what’s plaguing marketing: “we’re entering into a new age of digital transformation. …Today’s consumers and business buyers have more choices and higher expectations than ever before.

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