Mindwhirl Marketing

mind.whirl \ˈmīnd\ \ˈhwər(-ə)l v. The process a prospect goes through in their mind when a persuasive message is presented to them.

Mindwhirl is a marketing agency focused on helping you grow your businesses faster, cheaper and easier using marketing automation

We have been helping Entrepreneurs attract their target markets and grow their businesses for 15 years. In that time, we have achieved more than we ever thought possible. For the next 15 years, however, we expect to achieve much, much more success for our clients and ourselves.

Mindwhirl’s History

When we started Mindwhirl in 1999, it was really easy to grow a business on the Internet. 15 years later, however, that’s all changed. Now, it seems that every business in the world is trying to make money on the Internet. That creates an enormous challenge for most business owners. Without the right strategy, tools and people, it’s incredibly difficult to get in front of your target market and get their attention.

Luckily, as times change, technology advances as well and creates advantages. Right now, that technological advantage is Sales and Marketing Automation. Business experts and independent market research companies like Forrester Research predict that over the next 3 years, the majority of businesses will adopt some form of marketing automation. That means that in 3 years, you will have to have a marketing automation solution at work in your business just to compete. Currently however, you have an opportunity to take the lead in your industry and/or marketplace and implement marketing automation into your business and start reaping the rewards before your competitors catch up.

Our Vision

The next 10 years will likely bring a mixture of excitement and anxiety for owners of all sizes of businesses. We are in a period of disruption. Technologies that cost multi-millions, or even billions of dollars are being developed and sold at low monthly fees because they can be delivered at scale. Many industries have already been disrupted, many more are currently in flux, and the near future may see even more dynamic shifts in many other markets and industries.

That’s why you have to take advantage of the opportunities you have at your disposal. Right now, the easiest way to obtain a powerful business advantage, is to utilize marketing and sales force automation. These technologies aren’t new however. To this point, they haven’t been readily adopted because of the difficulties associated with implementation, and adoption. These have occurred because no one, including the developers of the automation tools, could explain how to use their tools. That’s changing.

At Mindwhirl, we recognized the trend and invested heavily on learning the new technologies and identifying how they could be used to grow a business. Our research led us to develop many complete marketing campaigns that automate and streamline the marketing and sales process for any business. Combined with our Mindwhirl Sales SystemTM, which forms the framework for unifying and automating marketing and sales, we can help every business take advantage of marketing automation technologies and reap the rewards as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Worried about adoption? As business owners ourselves, we have a unique perspective. Since our predominate role in our company is sales, we understand the differing needs of sales, marketing, and the business owner/partners. We can speak the language of each group and show them how to use the automation tools to make their jobs much easier. Sales trusts leads from marketing when they understand how they are qualified. Sales understands where to focus their time when they can see an accurate representation of their pipeline. Marketing can track and measure the actual sales results from their leads in real-time and be able to track each individual sale through their entire buying cycle. For the business owner, or owners, they finally get a clear picture of their business and can understand, to exacting detail, exactly what is happening with their marketing dollars, and the ROI achieved.

Unfortunately, in business the only constant is change. While our vision of the future is largely incomplete, one thing is remarkably clear: In order to compete, businesses will have to adopt marketing and sales force automation. If they don’t, they will have to rely heavily on luck, the slow adoption of automation by their competitors, and the personalities of their owners. Otherwise, they are sitting ducks for competitors who understand the benefits of automation and who have developed and optimized a process to capture market share.

Our Business Philosophy

In essence, our business philosophy is summed up in two words: capitalism and disruption.

We realize that we are in business for one reason: to serve the needs of our customers by delivering superior marketing products and services. That’s why we have taken Mindwhirl in a new direction. The days of a simple website, simple sales system, and basic marketing are over. Now, every business that wants to dominate it’s marketplace must be both a sales and marketing genius and a publisher of content.

That’s a huge problem for most businesses however, because they don’t have a grasp of what’s required, or the resources to pull it off. That’s where we come in. We have perfected dozens of campaigns that can be customized to your business needs, and we can develop the sales and marketing content your business needs to stand out.

It’s our opinion that the purpose of a business is to serve it’s customers better than anyone else can, and make a profit for doing it. We want to work with others who have similar beliefs.

We’ve learned the hard way that not all business owners want to grow. They just want to make a living. The problem with this is, everything is in flux now. Consumers are more selective about who they employ and buy from. They want to give their money to businesses that truly serve their needs in the most efficient, creative way possible. If you aren’t doing that, you will find it hard to compete in the near future.

Therefore, in our own business, our goal is to provide the added value you need to:

  • Understand sales and marketing
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest marketing information
  • Grow your business exponentially
  • Develop and communicate your unique sales message

Our overall goal is to become the premier marketing automation agency in Atlanta, then the Nation, by delivering superior results to our clients at a price point that is minuscule compared to the value the client receives.

Mindwhirl’s Founders

Michael Miller

CEO, Co-Founder

Right-Brained, creative, outgoing, fun-loving, opinionated. Sales and Marketing Nut (aka expert). Relatively skilled at running headlong into doubt, fear and anxiety. Creates visions of businesses that serve customers, employees and owners – then successfully implements them.

Shelly Miller

COO, Co-Founder

Left-Brained, organized, rational, logical, smart, confident, and independent. Wielder of the Midas touch. Maven of every market she sets her sight on.

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