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Sales and Marketing Have Changed!

It’s a lot more difficult to contact a prospect and get their attention.

While everyone else is working harder, you have an opportunity to work smarter.

Every lead was processed the same using a predesigned system

  • Where they are in your funnel
  • What you need to offer to encourage them to purchase
  • When they will close
  • How to get more like them


Engage them with informational content and personalized messages designed to get them to TAKE ACTION!

Mindwhirl + Automation = LeadsSalesGrowthInsight

You Get


Sales Ready







Continue using programming sequences™ to:

… and crush the competition

It’s Easy with Mindwhirl

Using our Persuasion Engineering Process™ and Programming Sequences™, we deliver key benefits and insight to your leads, customers, your team and you.

Leads & Clients
They know why they should choose you
They understand what you offer
They know why you are a better choice
You are their preferred choice
They look to you for your knowledge and expertise

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Marketing & Sales
They can track and measure every interaction with every lead
Marketing knows who to focus on
Sales knows who to call and when
They know every interaction a lead has with your company
They have a complete system for managing their funnel and pipelines
They close more sales — faster and easier

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You know how full your funnels and pipelines are
You learn how long it takes a lead to become a client and how much they will spend
You can predict and estimate future sales
Just as your balance sheet and P&L help you keep score, automation gives you a new way to see your business run, and gives you new KPI’s that help you develop market leading strategies.

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We give you a way to see your business like you never have before.

It’s an AWESOME feeling!