M5 – The Downside of New Customers

In this weeks Mindwhirl Monday Morning Marketing Minute, Michael Miller explains how to recognize a flawed, inefficient process in your business. This is crucial because every business owner simply wants to attract new customers.

The problem is, for most businesses, their processes are flawed and inefficient. More new customers would break their processes and threaten their ability to deliver their products and services.

When you look at your business realistically and see your employees going in circles while trying to do their jobs… if they are inefficient, or if they are confused as to what they should be doing… you have a process flaw that must be fixed before you get new customers.

Remember, good marketing is the fastest way to put a bad business out of business!

M5 – Pricing

For our first Mindwhirl Monday Morning Marketing Minute ( M5 for short ), Michael Miller (M2) discusses pricing.

Pricing is extremely important to your business. The wrong pricing strategy, or discounting without strategy will ruin you. However, when done correctly, it will increase your business and you will dominate your marketplace.

In this M5 you’ll understand the 3 ways to grow a business, how pricing affects your speed of growth, how consumers choose between two similar products, and how to stave off commoditization.

Do Small Businesses Have to Blog?

Small Businesses Need to Blog

photo credit: Annie Mole via photo pin cc

I hear it all the time from Small Business owners, “Do I have to blog?”

2 years ago, no; you could have gotten by with Adwords and a website as your complete online marketing strategy. Small business owners started there, and then began adding in┬áLinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter links on their sites, then they may have stepped up to sending an email newsletter once a month. Slowly, everything changed and because it was “slowly” changing, it was easy to add tasks to your internet marketing.

Then Google Stepped In

This year (2012), Google’s Penguin and Panda updates have changed everything. In one sense, Google has leveled the playing field, and in another sense, Google made it impossible to easily and cheaply rank for average long tail keywords.

Now, you must be either all in, or all out. There is no sense dabbling and testing the waters on the Internet anymore, you won’t see any benefit from it. Now, Google is essentially requiring that you have a social media presence. The only way to get social media to work is to get your followers engaged in your content. That means you will have to be able to share it as effectively as possible – hence a blog. [Read more…]

Marketing Campaigns Keep your Business Growing

Marketing Campaigns

Anyone can place an order for an ad, but only Entrepreneurs with their eye on the bottom line and Fortune 500 companies understand the value of a solid marketing plan.

The Fortune 500 have mountains of cash to throw around, so they can pound their offerings into your head and tell you that they sell “moments of pleasure” until you believe it, even if you don’t understand how drinking cola is a moment of pleasure more so than an ice cream cone or a sunrise.

Small and medium-sized business owners, on the other hand, need to be very smart with their marketing budgets. They need to focus on what is working and keep doing that until it doesn’t work anymore. [Read more…]