Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More – Holiday Ideas


I met with a customer today to brainstorm some last minute Holiday ideas for their customers. We spent an hour and came up with some great ideas.

Afterwards,  Michael and I had lunch at our favorite sub shop.  We eat there often because they have the best subs in town and it’s run by the most friendly family. When you walk through the door, even at lunch when there are 30+ people in line, you are greeted like you are a friend with a big smile and either “hi” or “how are you doing”,  they make you feel  very welcome.  [Read more…]

Cyber Monday – Marketing Strategy – Ideas for Next Year

Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy

I am sure, like me, you have received a ton of emails with Cyber Monday deals. Instead of deleting them all in bulk, create a folder and keep them to use as ideas for your business next Cyber Monday.

A lot of business owners believe they have nothing to offer on Cyber Monday, they think they don’t have a product or service anyone would want this time of year. That’s just not true. People want a deal, it’s as simple as that. These holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have programmed us to look for deals. Deals on any and everything we want and need.  Today I have received deals for: [Read more…]

The benefit of target marketing – the ability to speak directly to your buyer

Sparkle Fairy

How many of you purchased Sparkle paper towels over the last 3 weeks? Did you realize that Sparkle created a new ad campaign with the “sparkle fairy”. I saw the commercial on tv and thought, I haven’t used Sparkle for a long time, went to the store a couple days later and what did I find? Sparkle, on sale. I bought it and realized I had forgotten how much I like Sparkle paper towels.

The sparkle fairy brought up an interesting point in the commercial: why do you need a paper towel that holds a bowling ball? Hum, never thought of that, why do I? It’s been years since any paper towel, cheap or expensive has disintegrated while I was using it, who cares if it holds a bowling ball?

In the commercial the sparkle fairy is at the grocery store, in the paper towel aisle, and is posing the question to a woman roughly my age.

What did Sparkle paper towels do so well? They targeted their market and “spoke” directly to me, umm them, in their sales messages.

Targeting your market gives you the ability to “speak” directly to the people who will buy.

Do you know your target market? Do you implement target marketing campaigns in your business? Would you like to learn more about how to identify who your target market is? We’d love to show you, contact us or email us at to discuss how we can help you find your target market.

M5 – Target Markets and Market Segments

Effective marketing, the kind that makes money, requires you to not only pick a target market, but to also segment that market.


Because each segment usually needs a different message in order to entice them to buy.

In this M5, Michael discusses the advanced segmenting information that while seemingly obvious, isn’t utilized by most businesses.

Once you know and apply this information, you will get better results from your campaigns.

It’s not just about how you choose your Target Market and your Market Segments. It’s the sub-segments of each segment as well. Each segment has three sub-segments: future customers (prospects), existing customers, and past customers. Each of these segments will need a different message in order to entice them to buy, or buy again, from you.

When you understand this, it becomes obvious that prospects and existing customers will need slightly different marketing messages. Not completely different, but messages tailored to their status. Those messages could have different offers, but they should at least speak to the level of relationship your company has with them.

If you would like more information on target markets and market segments, give us a call, or shoot us an email.

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American Spirit Ad – 4 out of 5 stars

American Spirit Ad - What a good ad looks like

This American Spirit ad appeared in the July 18 – 24 edition of Creative Loafing, a local atlanta free newspaper. Out of all of the ads in the newspaper, this is the only one that qualifies, to me, as a decent ad. All of the others are a complete and total waste of money – except maybe the movie listings and the listings of bands playing at bars.

So why is this a good ad? [Read more…]