7 Irresistible Marketing Examples that Use Scarcity to Sell


Using scarcity to sell your products is a great way to get your customers to buy from you sooner rather than later. I know I have purchased many items because they were presented to me as limited quantity, limited edition or featured price for a limited time.  [Read more…]

Finding Email Marketing Campaign Ideas in Unlikely Places

Last weekend the US was covered in bitter cold, parts still are. They say it was the coldest it’s been in over 40 years. Even here in Georgia, as far south as it is, the temperatures plummeted to around  5 degrees. Everyone’s furnaces were working overtime to keep up with the demands to keep the cold out.  [Read more…]

Marketing Example – Honeybaked Ham


The day before yesterday, I received a Honeybaked Ham postcard in the mail. When I looked at it, I knew instantly that it was going to be a wasted effort, and wouldn’t bring in much business for them at all.

I see a lot of advertisements that I feel are wastes of time, and money. However, this postcard is so obviously bad almost any change would increase conversion rates. [Read more…]

Stand-Out Marketing Tactics


I’ve talked a lot lately about ideas on selling your products and services. The reason is, I’ve been asked a lot in the last couple of weeks.

Everyone is trying to find unique and different tactics to get their products in front of their customers, I completely understand. There are so many products and so many people trying to get your attention that standing out in the crowd seems difficult. Not to worry, I have good news, there are all kinds of ways to stand out!  [Read more…]

Get Creative with Your Sales – Inspired by an Olympian


It’s that time of year – the Olympic trials begin! I can’t really explain why I have an unnatural love for the Olympics, I’m not really much of a sports fan,  but every three and half years I feel like I’m going to Disney World watching the trials and then the events leading up to the Olympics beginning February 7 2014.  [Read more…]