Video Marketing with YouTube

Youtube Video Marketing

Every minute, there are 72 hours worth of content uploaded to YouTube. That’s a lot of cat videos!

If you want to stand out amidst all this noise, you need to know how to optimize your videos. [Read more…]

M5 – Marketing Mindset – The Marketing Web

Almost everything about marketing has changed in the past 10 years — except the fundamentals (of course). I mean you still have to have a remarkable story, tell people about your products and services, make alliances, track, optimize and sell.

Even though you have many more options available to you than you did 10 years ago [Read more…]

M5 – What to Expect from Marketing

On this week’s M5 I want to discuss marketing expectations.

Marketing is a powerful force. It’s the growth engine of a business.

But you have to be clear about what marketing can and cannot do.

A good marketing campaign is capable of bringing in returns of 1,400% or more. . . [Read more…]

M5 – You can’t fail at marketing

Hi It’s Michael.

On this weeks M5, I want to talk to you about failure in marketing.

There is none.

When you are marketing, you have to keep your mind in check.

In order to do that, you have to understand that there is no such thing as marketing failure, only marketing feedback. [Read more…]

M5 – Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is the most important part of your strategic marketing plan for your business. Your USP, tells your story and lets prospects know why they should do business with you versus all other options available to them, including doing nothing.

Business is simple. If you make a product that people want and need and are begging for, then, you will be successful. [Read more…]