American Spirit Ad – 4 out of 5 stars

American Spirit Ad - What a good ad looks like

This American Spirit ad appeared in the July 18 – 24 edition of Creative Loafing, a local atlanta free newspaper. Out of all of the ads in the newspaper, this is the only one that qualifies, to me, as a decent ad. All of the others are a complete and total waste of money – except maybe the movie listings and the listings of bands playing at bars.

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Attention USTA: This is why I don’t watch Tennis!

Women's Tennisphoto credit: Not enough megapixels via photopin cc

I was reading as my wife was changing the TV channels looking for something to watch. I wasn’t paying attention, but I noticed I was getting … annoyed!

It was at first imperceptible, as all subconscious responses are, then I became aware of the issue.

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Publicis-Omnicom Merger: Too Little Too Late?

Publicis Omnicom - prediction

Photographer: Scott Eells/Bloomberg.

Scientists tell us that over 1 million years ago there was an extinction event that completely wiped out the dinosaurs.

It might have been asteroids from deep space hurtling towards the earth and impacting with such force that the planet spun on it’s axis. Clouds of earth and debris blasting into the air creating clouds that engulf the earth in darkness — bringing on the age of ice.

Yesterday’s news brought the story of Publicis and Omnicom. They want to merge. [Read more…]