M5 – Should You Reduce Your Ad Spend?

Many of the small business owners that I have been speaking with are asking me how they can reduce their monthly ad spend. That’s the wrong question. Marketing is like an investment, just like the stock market, the less you invest into the stock market, the less your return will be.

So the goal isn’t to reduce your ad spend by 500 hundred dollars a month, it’s to [Read more…]

Marketing Example – Iron Maiden’s Profitable New Marketing Idea

Iron Maiden Marketing

You know the old saying, if you can beat them, join them? That’s what Iron Maiden did.

I just read an article by Greg Morcroft, published in the international business Times, about how heavy metal rock band Iron Maiden used data from two United Kingdom firms, Growth Intelligence and MusicMetric, to identify where their music was being pirated the most.

Iron Maiden could have used this information just like Metallica did, and go after the pirates using bit torrents to download their music illegally. Instead, they looked at this information as marketing data, and an insight into their target market. [Read more…]

People Love to Buy — Especially on Black Friday!

Black Friday at North Point Mall

People love to buy!

They don’t like to be sold… but they love to buy!

Black Friday is the one time of the year that you see the love of shopping come out in full force. But are marketer’s changing consumer’s behaviors by forcefully taking advantage of the holiday season?

Who invented the term Black Friday?

Black Friday Discounts at North Point MallOriginally taken from the stock market crash, Black Friday became a term that described the gridlock in Philadelphia that occurred the day before the Army-Navy football game as holiday shoppers and football fans descended upon the city. [Read more…]

M5 – Headlines

If you want to grow your business, the first thing you have to do is define your USP. That will give you the benefits and the promises you will use as content to sell your products and services.

The most important part of that content is headlines. Headlines are essential to your marketing. Flowing from your Unique Selling Proposition, a headline must be used in all of your marketing collateral.

You should design your headlines to interrupt and engage your target market, then make a promise and show them the benefit of purchasing and using your product or services.

This episode gives an example and explains the use of headlines in your marketing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or email Michael at mmiller@mindwhirl.com.

Quick Take – Verizon Halloween Commercial Shares A Brilliant Marketing Idea

This year, Verizon created a Halloween commercial that is pretty cute. The whole family traded in their old phones (probably iPhones) for new Androids that have amazing features.

The entire family is dressed in Star Wars costumes, which subconsciously speaks to the power of the phones. Overall, it’s a decent commercial. Not great… but really cute.

And while the commercial has it’s charm, what I really like about it is the marketing suggestion for small business owners who are paying attention. [Read more…]