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You can make your customers think you are reading their minds, and believe you are in their head by telling them exactly what your product or service will do for them, and by touching on their hopes and frustrations about having your product. How do you do this?

Simple, think about the last couple of items you purchased. Why did you make the purchases?

Over the last couple of weeks I have bought desserts based on the “homemade,” “handmade” appeal that was advertised, and they were perfect for Thanksgiving. I have purchased beauty products that have promised to give me that extra “holiday sparkle” and “glitz and glam” I want this time of year. And I have purchased a survival hand tool complete with a hatchet because they said “you never know when you will need it,” “it can get you out of hard spots,” “it will cut straight through seat belts if trapped in your car,” and “every woman should have this survival tool”. All these points got me to buy.

You must provide detailed, emotional reasons, as mentioned previously, to get people to buy. This is how you get more sales, you tell your potential clients exactly what your product does by emphasizing the reasons a targeted consumer would want it.

I suggest to my coaching clients to play a game for about a week with the whole family. For every purchase your family makes this week, write down the reasons why the product or service was bought.

Write down everything you think of, things like: you liked the person selling it, you needed it, you were tired of your old one, you were ready to upgrade, you like the brand, it was on sale, it promised to give you what you wanted.

After a week of this exercise you should be able to come up with a lot of reasons your potential clients would like to buy your product. Then, incorporate these “reasons to buy” into your sales collateral. When you do, it will appear as though you were able to “read the mind” of your client and give them the exact product they were searching for.

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