Ruby Tuesday’s Marketing says: We don’t have chefs cooking our food

Ruby Tuesday Chef Inspired Commercial Review

Ruby Tuesday has a new commercial out called “Chef Inspired.”

Watch the Ruby Tuesday “Chef Inspired” Commercial here

Wait, what?

Did you hear her say “chef Inspired?”

Chef Inspired? Who’s in the kitchen cooking the entrees?

The commercial is very nice. Well done cinematography, decent message … but I wonder why they make such a big deal about the “New” Ruby Tuesday. Wait, maybe they figured out that the reason I don’t eat there is because it’s all pub grub and sometimes smells?

It seems that Ruby Tuesday’s new commercial was trying to get me to come back. Their message of change, however, really isn’t clear enough to be appealing.

Are they trying to be a family restaurant? I’ve never thought of Ruby Tuesday as a family restaurant. Sure, you can take your kids there from time to time, but it’s more of a bar that focuses on food. It’s a sports bar. That’s the concept. Are people not coming to watch the game? Are people not meeting there after work? Why the sudden need to have quality “chef inspired” meals?

I didn’t think “families” were their demographic.

Plus, saying their new menu is “Chef Inspired” makes me think the people cooking the food are not capable of cooking a decent meal without having pre-weighed, pre-cooked food to warm up, or pop in the fryer. Wait, that sounds like Ruby Tuesday. Or Chili’s, or O’Charley’s, or Taco Mac, or any sports bar.

The giveaway is loaded potato skins.

What I used to like about Ruby Tuesday was the Salad Bar. That was until, I got tired of trying to pick out good/clean food from the mess the restaurant I went to left all over the bar and floor. After you watch people touch all the food a couple times, you get leery of the salad bar. If they want to sell it, they have to maintain it’s cleanliness.

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