Apple’s Commercials – What Are They Saying?

Apple has a new Ad called “Mayday.” It’s actually quite a cute commercial. There are several commercials like this one in their recent campaign.

So what does this new campaign actually sell?

It sells Apple Geniuses as the friendly solution providers to all technological quandaries, and Apple hardware and software products as the de facto standard.

These ads don’t talk about how much better they are than PC’s, in fact, they ignore PC’s and just focus on what they offer. But they also make you feel as if everyone uses Apple products now because they have become – ubiquitous.

… but therein lies a problem – these commercials are suggesting something … a subconscious presupposition if you will.

The presupposition?

– Apple’s products are complicated to use.

Only trained geniuses are able to explain how to use the software, and they can’t get on a plane without having to help multiple people.

Sure, the products can do lots of things and come with pre-packaged software, but it’s unclear how to use the software.

Isn’t that what the commercial is saying?

I think the commercial may be damaging to Apple’s brand, and needs to be scrapped.

That brings me to the MacBook Pro Commercial.

Off the top of my head, if I was marketing the new Apple MacBook Pro, I would have two commercials, both would be essentially the same. One would have an attractive 40 something female, the other would have an attractive 40 something male. They would exude intelligence, style, and sophistication. The cinematography would be similar with rich colors, blacks and blue shadows. Very vibrant – like the current commercial.

The copy would essentially be: “When I saw the MacBook Pro with the Retina display, I fell in love with it. I mean, look at it! I wanted it so … badly. I began to worry about the software though … I’ve already bought software for my PC and couldn’t use it, but the genius showed me all of the included software on the MacBook Pro. There’s so much. Everything I really need is already installed. It’s light, it’s fast, it’s easy to use … it’s my dream machine!”

This commercial’s presupposition would be that: this attractive person who obviously has their life together didn’t just let their spontaneous reaction guide their decision, even though they wanted to just buy it now, they did due diligence and researched the product. What they found was the laptop is amazingly fast, beautiful and stylish (like they are), and has most everything they need already installed.

The current ad is nice, and has the cinematography I’m talking about, but misses on the social proof element. The main point the commercial makes is “innovation in every dimension,” which is speaking to the thinness and lightness of the MacBook Pro.

BUT … NEWS ALERT: Intel has a new processor, it allows PC’s to be thin and light. It’s called Ultrabook. You better talk about something else Apple!

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