Marketing Example – Honeybaked Ham


The day before yesterday, I received a Honeybaked Ham postcard in the mail. When I looked at it, I knew instantly that it was going to be a wasted effort, and wouldn’t bring in much business for them at all.

I see a lot of advertisements that I feel are wastes of time, and money. However, this postcard is so obviously bad almost any change would increase conversion rates. [Read more…]

Stand-Out Marketing Tactics


I’ve talked a lot lately about ideas on selling your products and services. The reason is, I’ve been asked a lot in the last couple of weeks.

Everyone is trying to find unique and different tactics to get their products in front of their customers, I completely understand. There are so many products and so many people trying to get your attention that standing out in the crowd seems difficult. Not to worry, I have good news, there are all kinds of ways to stand out!  [Read more…]

Should You Use Emotions to Sell Your Products?

Image credit: Publix supermarket 2013 Holiday commercial

Here in the Southeast we have a supermarket called Publix.  Publix does a brilliant job of evoking emotions in their television ads, especially around the holidays. The commercials pull you right in, as if you are standing in the kitchen, decorating cookies with the kids, putting lights on the tree, getting the turkey out of the oven and waiting on grandma and grandpa to arrive at your house for the holiday festivities to begin.  The commercials get better and better every year. They completely touch your heart, make you smile and remind you to start planning what you will be making for your holiday dinner.  [Read more…]

Cyber Monday – Marketing Strategy – Ideas for Next Year

Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy

I am sure, like me, you have received a ton of emails with Cyber Monday deals. Instead of deleting them all in bulk, create a folder and keep them to use as ideas for your business next Cyber Monday.

A lot of business owners believe they have nothing to offer on Cyber Monday, they think they don’t have a product or service anyone would want this time of year. That’s just not true. People want a deal, it’s as simple as that. These holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have programmed us to look for deals. Deals on any and everything we want and need.  Today I have received deals for: [Read more…]

American Spirit Ad – 4 out of 5 stars

American Spirit Ad - What a good ad looks like

This American Spirit ad appeared in the July 18 – 24 edition of Creative Loafing, a local atlanta free newspaper. Out of all of the ads in the newspaper, this is the only one that qualifies, to me, as a decent ad. All of the others are a complete and total waste of money – except maybe the movie listings and the listings of bands playing at bars.

So why is this a good ad? [Read more…]