Make It Easy for Customers to Do Business With You – Sales Process


This seems like a no-brainer right? You have a great product and you sell it to your customers.  It seems simple and obvious to me, and yet, in the last couple of days I have been surprised at how hard it is to do business with some companies. 

The other day for example,  I decided to try a new restaurant, I walked in and was surprised to see a counter with glass on top that housed food that looked cold and dried out. My first thought was, from the outside, the restaurant did not look like an order yourself, pre-made, warm-up kind of place at all.

Confused by the food under the glass counter I looked around and realized there was a menu above me. I started reading the menu and a girl peeked her head over the tall glass counter and asked if I had any questions.

I said yes, is the food under the glass all you have? She said no, her mouth was level with the food under the glass and it was very hard to hear what she was saying. She said let me give you the tour. She started pointing to the food under the glass, walked me to the end to see the salads, then said, we have additional food on the menu above.  I was confused, nothing made sense,  this is food for heaven’s sake, there is nothing confusing about ordering food right? I got a salad and sat down because I simply could not stand holding up the other people in line any longer.

Once I sat down I noticed everyone in line was confused, some people just walked out, others stood there looking at the food under the glass, then back up to the menu above their heads, then back down to the food under the glass.

Each person that walked in was given the “tour”. And each person stood there dazed and confused like me. The fact is people are not willing to be confused about ordering food nor are they willing to jump through hoops just to get a bite to eat. This restaurant made it so confusing  to order food people were actually leaving. Essentially making it so hard for people to do business with them they were losing customers because they could not explain their own process nor offer an easy way for people to get food.

Check Your Sales Process

The take away from this experience for me was to check my own business processes to be sure I continually make it as easy as possible for my clients to purchase from me. In your business, look at your process through your customers eyes. If it’s confusing FIX IT! Remember, consumers are unwilling to make the connection for you. You have to spell out how your process works and explain the benefit your business offers them.

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