Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More – Holiday Ideas


I met with a customer today to brainstorm some last minute Holiday ideas for their customers. We spent an hour and came up with some great ideas.

Afterwards,  Michael and I had lunch at our favorite sub shop.  We eat there often because they have the best subs in town and it’s run by the most friendly family. When you walk through the door, even at lunch when there are 30+ people in line, you are greeted like you are a friend with a big smile and either “hi” or “how are you doing”,  they make you feel  very welcome. 

After the friendly welcome you get to eat one of the best subs you will ever taste. Great people and great food, that’s why everyone dines here.

While I was waiting in line I looked at the deli case by the cash register, there was a poster on the front of it that read:

In appreciation of your continued patronage
We cordially invite you to our
Christmas Eve Open House
for FREE Subs and Beverages
December 24th 11:30am-1:30pm
Along with our thanks, we would like to extend our
Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

What a great idea! Give your customers what they want most, your subs – FREE. It’s the subs that keep us all coming back for more. The friendly staff is an added benefit.

I don’t want you to think that I am telling you to give something away for free, I’m not. My point here is that you should give a gift to your clients they would appreciate.  Like the owners of this sub shop, who have been serving up the best subs since 1975, are doing.

So if you are still trying to decide what to give your clients for the holidays this year, or are setting up your holiday planning for next year, try thinking about what it is about your product or service your clients love and incorporate that into your holiday gift giving to show your customers you appreciate them.

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