Branding and Marketing Motivation – Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

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Since I make my living on the Internet, using the tools of the Internet, I’ve learned that you have to constantly be on the lookout for the new technologies, new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new people that are making waves.

“Everything is Marketing!”

As I look at the world around me, I see that everything is marketing. I know I’ve been saying it for quite a while now and I keep repeating myself, but if you want to influence another person, or a group of them, you need to think like a marketer.

Marketing is confusing at first because its a word that seems to describe a process, or a division of a company, or a term for advertisements, or in place of the phrase, “the psychology of influence.”

To me, marketing is all of it… and it can appear confusing until you get it.

Getting it, means understanding it logically and feeling it in your soul. Touchy, feely I know, nonetheless true and accurate.

For instance, there are very few academics, and professional marketers that can properly describe the term “brand.” Why? Because it’s subjective, right-brain, and creative.

It’s the feeling you get when you are standing in the middle of 20,000 screaming fans as your favorite team scores. It’s the experience of spending a Friday night out with your family at that pizza place that has great music, great pizza, and makes you feel like you have everything you need at this moment. You feel safe, happy, and proud of your parental role as you look at your children’s smiling faces.

Branding and Marketing Motivation

A brand is the company that enables and owns a feeling you get when you think about doing something now, in the future, or in the past.

When you want to buy a car, you think about the vehicle that represents you, the feeling you want to have about yourself, and the feeling (impression) you want others to have about you. When you choose Maserati, Mercedes, Cadillac, Toyota, Ford, or any other automotive manufacturer, you are saying something to yourself and the world around you — about you. It’s self talk, it’s subconscious, and it speaks volumes, and we all know it… and don’t use it.

“Everything is marketing!”

You want to feel safe when you fly — think Delta.

You want to be different yet, still want performance shoes — Adidas

You want to escape to a place you can hang out for a while, check the Internet and get a luxury coffee — Starbucks

You want to shop in style — Neiman’s

You want a glass that doesn’t let cold beverages sweat in the summer heat — get a Tervis

These are wants, and they are feelings.

Now, that may seem like a horrible set up for the real story in this article, but let me just tell you what you should be looking for as you view the video below.

1) Passion for their business and ideas

2) Uniqueness

3) Marketability to a target market

4) Stirring of emotion in that market

You want a brand to give you a feeling deep down. You want to let it take you to a place you like to go. You want to feel like you are a part of it. You want to feel like they are talking just to you.

The video below is of an up and coming marketing master. He’s just now starting to realize it. He’s been working on himself and perfecting his game for several years now, but I expect he is about to go primetime in a big way.

Also, realize that as a marketing master he isn’t trying to capture everyone. Some might instantly be turned off by him. Others will be attracted to him like moths to a flame. He only needs a couple thousand fans to be successful. He’s got that and more.

As he converts more and more people to his ideas, he will attract people on the edges. He will move out into the mainstream and become a superstar. It’s already begun. Universities, corporations, NFL, NBA, and MLB teams are hiring him to speak, coach, and motivate.

We’ve all seen it before. We know how superstars are made. The Beatles, Madonna, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, GE, Starbucks, Apple, Google…  all taking a stand for what they believe in. Maybe tentatively at first, then fully believing it themselves. All showing the world how much better the world can be when their unique “thing” is a part of your life.

Are you doing this for your business? Are you taking a stand? Are you standing up, stepping out and facing your fears? Are you investing in yourself? Are you practicing and perfecting your elevator speech? Are you taking the risk to be something to someone? Are you daring to be unique? Are you setting yourself and your business up to be a superstar? Are you doing what it takes to make it happen? Are you?

If not, you need to tell yourself, “I Can, I Will, I Must!”

Now, while keeping marketing in mind, enjoy ET the Hip Hop Preacher.

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