Famous Failures – Failure and Feedback


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I just read an interesting article on “famous failures” which further solidifies the fact that there is no failure only feedback as Michael mentioned in the M5. I want to add that there can be failure if you refuse to perceive your experience as anything other than a failure. It takes a conscious effort to see the value from the failure, the feedback, and move forward with that knowledge to make our next experiences better.

In the success.com article, Famous Failures, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Harland Sanders, and Norman Vincent Peale are mentioned with the highlights of the “failures” they faced. They pushed through these failures even when some of them were about to give up. Can you imagine if Oprah, Michael, Harland, and Norman would have given up? [Read more…]

The benefit of target marketing – the ability to speak directly to your buyer

Sparkle Fairy

How many of you purchased Sparkle paper towels over the last 3 weeks? Did you realize that Sparkle created a new ad campaign with the “sparkle fairy”. I saw the commercial on tv and thought, I haven’t used Sparkle for a long time, went to the store a couple days later and what did I find? Sparkle, on sale. I bought it and realized I had forgotten how much I like Sparkle paper towels.

The sparkle fairy brought up an interesting point in the commercial: why do you need a paper towel that holds a bowling ball? Hum, never thought of that, why do I? It’s been years since any paper towel, cheap or expensive has disintegrated while I was using it, who cares if it holds a bowling ball?

In the commercial the sparkle fairy is at the grocery store, in the paper towel aisle, and is posing the question to a woman roughly my age.

What did Sparkle paper towels do so well? They targeted their market and “spoke” directly to me, umm them, in their sales messages.

Targeting your market gives you the ability to “speak” directly to the people who will buy.

Do you know your target market? Do you implement target marketing campaigns in your business? Would you like to learn more about how to identify who your target market is? We’d love to show you, contact us or email us at mmiller@mindwhirl.com to discuss how we can help you find your target market.

Building Your Online Presence – It Takes Time and Patience

Patience takes a long time

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a bookstore and saw this message stone on the ground, “Patience takes a long time”.  Great saying for the crappy week I was having – it was crappy because I was totally out of patience and annoyed with everything I was doing.

What was I doing? Setting up accounts for social media, web servers, domains, WordPress, email, etc. and ALL of it was taking A LOT  longer than I expected – which pissed me off to no end. [Read more…]

Right Brain Left Brain Dominance – Presenting Based On Your Customers Brain Dominance

Right Brain Left Brain Dominance

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I ALWAYS love to give great presentations and am constantly looking for ways to make my presentations even better! That means, they educate and entertain in the way that is a perfect fit for my customers. I’ve presented everything from garage doors to payroll services, and Internet Strategies to individuals, Small Business owners, Committees and Fortune 500 companies since I was 16.  Some presentations were bad, really bad, and some were so great, I left with a check in hand.

While growing my businesses and presenting my products I decided to further my degree in social psychology, understanding people, their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, it goes right along with my profession and my inherent desire to understand people. One topic in particular, left and right brain dominance, absolutely fascinated me. I quickly realized I could learn a lot about a person just by looking at them and listening to them talk, even over the phone. And then I thought, I could use this in my presentations! [Read more…]

Being an Expert in Your Industry

New York Fashion Week 2012

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What does it mean to be an expert in your industry?

It means you are the one everyone goes to for answers on your particular product or service.

The big question is: How do I become the expert?

Simple answer: Prove you are an expert by providing detailed information about your product, the history of the product, why it was created, how it can help the consumer and associate your product with other well known products in your industry so the consumer is completely clear about your product, how it works, and what product they currently have that could be upgraded or replaced with your product. Being genuine about your product and your expertise in the field is a must. [Read more…]