Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More – Holiday Ideas


I met with a customer today to brainstorm some last minute Holiday ideas for their customers. We spent an hour and came up with some great ideas.

Afterwards,  Michael and I had lunch at our favorite sub shop.  We eat there often because they have the best subs in town and it’s run by the most friendly family. When you walk through the door, even at lunch when there are 30+ people in line, you are greeted like you are a friend with a big smile and either “hi” or “how are you doing”,  they make you feel  very welcome.  [Read more…]

Which Social Media is Best for Your Company? Instagram Works for Fifty Shades of Grey

Image from author E.L. James Instagram Account

Yesterday I got an update in my news feed that said “Fifty Shades of Grey Filming Begins: Get Your Handcuffs Ready” with an image of a clapperboard, see above, with time, roll, scene and take information. The clapperboard image was posted on the Instagram account of the author of Fifty Shades of Grey, E. L. James.

Instagram is the perfect social network to post the clapperboard image. It was perfect for a couple of reasons:  [Read more…]

2 Quick Tips for Growing Your Business During the Holidays


The holidays are upon us which means added stress for a lot of business owners. Trying to juggle business and family this time of year can seem impossible. You have so much to think about:  you want to continue to grow your business, you need to plan the Christmas party, you  have to send out Christmas cards for both your business and personal contacts, you have to meet with your accountant to get the bonuses checks ready, you need to prepare for the family coming to visit and then finally you have to make sure you get the perfect gift for everyone! [Read more…]

Cyber Monday – Marketing Strategy – Ideas for Next Year

Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy

I am sure, like me, you have received a ton of emails with Cyber Monday deals. Instead of deleting them all in bulk, create a folder and keep them to use as ideas for your business next Cyber Monday.

A lot of business owners believe they have nothing to offer on Cyber Monday, they think they don’t have a product or service anyone would want this time of year. That’s just not true. People want a deal, it’s as simple as that. These holidays, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have programmed us to look for deals. Deals on any and everything we want and need.  Today I have received deals for: [Read more…]

Want to know how to get more sales?


You can make your customers think you are reading their minds, and believe you are in their head by telling them exactly what your product or service will do for them, and by touching on their hopes and frustrations about having your product. How do you do this?

Simple, think about the last couple of items you purchased. Why did you make the purchases? [Read more…]